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Dating in Bristol

There are lots of internet dating wesbites out there but which ones have the most dates on that live in Bristol. We have researched all the dating sites in the UK to search for the best ones in Bristol and we have compiled the following list.

Bristols top dating websites

Match has the most members that are based in Bristol which makes it Bristol's number one dating websites. Match is well established world wide and continues to dominate the match making scene.

match bristol

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- is the brainchild of Sarah Beeny. Sarah is notorious for setting her friends up, and it occurred to her that if we could all describe our single friends on a website, then they could all check each other out, cutting out the middleman, and extinguishing the stigma attached to online dating.

datingdirect bristol

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- is a welll established dating website in Bristol with over 5000 online conversdations through their online chat per day. Big Bristol and local area presence on the site.

datingdirect bristol


Friendfinder is originally from the USA but is gaining lots of new memebers in the UK and particularly in the West Country. They could be a real rival for in the city.

match bristol


Easy Flirt

Easy flirt is a new dating site for the UK and has exciting new features such as webcam chat so you can actually see the person you are talking to before having to meet them which is an awesome idea!

easyflirt uk


Latest Bristol Dating News

Welcome to our new website. If you live in Bristol or any of the surrounding districts then you have come to right the place to seek dating information.

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We will be showcasing some of the best dating events around Bristol.

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Bristol Dating will be the number resource for dating in the city.

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